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Have you thought of owning a home but cant get qualified with a mortgage company? If so we can help- we have homes thru out the entire United States with owner financing- Contract for deed listings in all 50 States. If you are seeking homes with contract for deed options or a land contract you may browse homes by each state.

What is the benefit of buying or selling a home on a contract for deed? Contracts are great for someone who wants a home with out going thru a bank-lender mortgage company ect- You save on closing costs-You don’t have to supply much financial information nor do you have to have stellar credit.

Closings can be very quickly as quick as a week if you have the purchase agreement fully executed-title work completed. You can use a lawyer or title company to do the closing for you. We recommend getting title insurance when purchasing a home with owner financing.

If you don’t have alot of money to put down we recommend looking at Delaware- Rent to own or Delaware- Lease options- Delaware- Rent to Buy- The amount of money you need down for these type of options can very per owner but they are typically a lot less than contract for deed options. Usually a few thousand down to enter into the option of buying a property.

Using a Mortgage company to get a to purchase a home is always the best way to purchase a home if that is possible- You get a lower rate typically and length of the mortgage is longer than a cd. Unfortunately in this market most people have some sort of credit issue-lack of job-tax returns need to be higher-self employer-Bad credit-lack of credit-Relocation.

How do I qualify for one of these Delaware- contract for deed homes or Delaware- rent to own homes Delaware- owner financed homes?
It is pretty simple sellers usually require around 10% down of the sale price- Sometimes you will have to provide some sort of pay stub or information showing you can afford the home-Once in a while you many have to provide credit information but your credit score doesn’t matter. Sellers sometimes just want to know a little bit about you.

Sell my house now or Rent to own- Rent

We recommend all buyers get a home inspection when purchasing a property to be safe there could be some hidden defects. Also you may want to have a survey completed prior to buying a home- Also use a Realtor or broker from our web site if you want help looking for a home for sale-

Any type of property-

It can be a home-house-condo-town homes-loft-lake front property-lake view-deeded access-Golf coarse-Ocean Front-luxury Estates-Remember there are cd homes in all 50 states- Good or bad credit you can get a home in today’s real estate market.

We let Real Estate professionals and for sale by owners list their properties on our sites as long as they offer some type of owner financing- Rent to own-land contracts-contract for deed-seller financing. Our goal is to offer housing to people who cannot get a mortgage thru a bank.

It is a tough market out there so selling a home with owner financing is great way to help out buyers who cannot get a loan and also help sellers sell a home verses letting it sit for months. Sellers who offer rent to own options is great opportunity to help buyers build some credit and equity in a home and give them the opportunity to buy the property at a future date at a future price.

Below are all the states we have owner financing in and what type of financing you can find on our site along with Mortgage note buyers they buy contracts-notes—Mortgages-Short sales-foreclosed properties.

Alabama Owner financing homes - Alabama Contract for deed homes - Alabama Rent to own
Alaska Owner financing homes - Alaska Contract for deed homes - Alaska Rent to own
Arizona Owner financing homes - Arizona Contract for deed homes - Arizona Rent to own
Arkansas Owner financing homes - Arkansas Contract for deed homes - Arkansas Rent to own
California Owner financing homes - California Contract for deed homes - California Rent to own
Colorado Owner financing homes - Colorado Contract for deed homes - Colorado Rent to own
Connecticut Owner financing homes - Connecticut Contract for deed homes - Connecticut Rent to own
Delaware Owner financing homes - Delaware Contract for deed homes - Delaware Rent to own
Florida Owner financing homes - Florida Contract for deed homes - Florida Rent to own
Georgia Owner financing homes - Georgia Contract for deed homes - Georgia Rent to own
Hawaii Owner financing homes - Hawaii Contract for deed homes - Hawaii Rent to own
Idaho Owner financing homes - Idaho Contract for deed homes - Idaho Rent to own
Illinois Owner financing homes - Illinois Contract for deed homes - Illinois Rent to own
Indiana Owner financing homes - Indiana Contract for deed homes - Indiana Rent to own
Iowa Owner financing homes - Iowa Contract for deed homes - Iowa Rent to own
Kansas Owner financing homes - Kansas Contract for deed homes - Kansas Rent to own
Kentucky Owner financing homes - Kentucky Contract for deed homes - Kentucky Rent to own
Louisiana Owner financing homes - Louisiana Contract for deed homes - Louisiana Rent to own
Maine Owner financing homes - Maine Contract for deed homes - Maine Rent to own
Maryland Owner financing homes - Maryland Contract for deed homes - Maryland Rent to own
Massachusetts Owner financing homes - Massachusetts Contract for deed homes - Massachusetts Rent to own
Michigan Owner financing homes - Michigan Contract for deed homes - Michigan Rent to own
Minnesota Owner financing homes - Minnesota Contract for deed homes - Minnesota Rent to own
Mississippi Owner financing homes - Mississippi Contract for deed homes - Mississippi Rent to own
Missouri Owner financing homes - Missouri Contract for deed homes - Missouri Rent to own
Montana Owner financing homes - Montana Contract for deed homes - Montana Rent to own
Nebraska Owner financing homes - Nebraska Contract for deed homes - Nebraska Rent to own
Nevada Owner financing homes - Nevada Contract for deed homes - Nevada Rent to own
New Hampshire Owner financing homes - New Hampshire Contract for deed homes - New Hampshire Rent to own
New Jersey Owner financing homes - New Jersey Contract for deed homes - New Jersey Rent to own
New Mexico Owner financing homes - New Mexico Contract for deed homes - New Mexico Rent to own
New York Owner financing homes - New York Contract for deed homes - New York Rent to own
North Carolina Owner financing homes - North Carolina Contract for deed homes - North Carolina Rent to own
North Dakota Owner financing homes - North Dakota Contract for deed homes - North Dakota Rent to own
Ohio Owner financing homes - Ohio Contract for deed homes - Ohio Rent to own
Oklahoma Owner financing homes - Oklahoma Contract for deed homes - Oklahoma Rent to own
Oregon Owner financing homes - Oregon Contract for deed homes - Oregon Rent to own
Pennsylvania Owner financing homes - Pennsylvania Contract for deed homes - Pennsylvania Rent to own
Rhode Island Owner financing homes - Rhode Island Contract for deed homes - Rhode Island Rent to own
South Carolina Owner financing homes - South Carolina Contract for deed homes - South Carolina Rent to own
South Dakota Owner financing homes - South Dakota Contract for deed homes - South Dakota Rent to own
Tennessee Owner financing homes - Tennessee Contract for deed homes - Tennessee Rent to own
Texas Owner financing homes - Texas Contract for deed homes - Texas Rent to own
Utah Owner financing homes - Utah Contract for deed homes - Utah Rent to own
Vermont Owner financing homes - Vermont Contract for deed homes - Vermont Rent to own
Virginia Owner financing homes - Virginia Contract for deed homes - Virginia Rent to own
Washington Owner financing homes - Washington Contract for deed homes - Washington Rent to own
West Virginia Owner financing homes - West Virginia Contract for deed homes - West Virginia Rent to own
Wisconsin Owner financing homes - Wisconsin Contract for deed homes - Wisconsin Rent to own
Wyoming Owner financing homes - Wyoming Contract for deed homes - Wyoming Rent to own

Types of properties we specialize in-

Contract for deed homes-Rent to own-owner financed homes-We have contract for deed homes FOR SALE– owner financing-homes for sale contract for deed-Rent to own-contract for deed homes –CD TERMS –Rent to buy homes-seller financing houses-contract for deeds- land contract for deed-land contracts for sale-Notes for sale-owner financed houses-owner financed homes for sale- for sale-owners- contract -contract for deed calculators-contract for deed home- HOMES FOR SALE CONTRACT FOR DEED - condo-town homes-hobby farms-New construction-acreage-Lake homes for sale-cabins-luxury Estates-Real Estate contract for deed-selling contracts-lake shore for sale-ocean front-houses-properties-Bad credit financing-mortgage notes-buying notes-selling notes-Owner carry back mortgages-foreclosed homes-short sales-

Virtually all types of properties thru out the United States. All 50 States.

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Delaware- Contract for deed homes Delaware- Rent to own -owner financed homes Delaware- We have DE- contract for deed homes FOR SALE Delaware- owner financing-homes for sale contract for deed-Rent to own DE- contract for deed homes -CD TERMS- Delaware- Rent to buy homes Delaware- seller financing houses Delaware- contract for deeds Delaware- land contract for deed-land contracts for sale-Notes for sale-owner financed houses DE- owner financed homes for sale- for sale-owners- contract -contract for deed calculators Delaware- contract for deed home Delaware- HOMES FOR SALE CONTRACT FOR DEED - condo-town homes-hobby farms-New construction-acreage-Lake homes for sale-cabins-luxury Estates Delaware- Real Estate contract for deed-selling contracts-lake shore for sale-ocean front-houses-properties-Bad credit financing-mortgage notes-buying notes-selling notes-Owner carry back mortgages-foreclosed homes-short sales-Bad credit housing

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